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Hotel KNB Heritage is a basic budget property on main Gangotri National Highway. Located 98 km before Gangotri in Uttarkashi city centre. Ours is an old residential building converted into budget highway hotel. Famous Temples of town like Vishwanath Temple, Kandar Devta Temple,Bhairav Devta Temple, Parshuram Temple and Annapurna Temple are at a walking distance of few minutes from the Hotel. Main Market of the city and ‘Manikarnika Ghat’ are also within a radius of half-a-kilometre ( 500 mtr) only.

Hotel is ideally located on Gangotri National Highway( Gangotri Road). Gangotri is at a distance of just 98 km from the Hotel i.e just a 3hr drive (one way). Harshil, Dharali are 72 km fom here i.e just 2 hr drive( one way). You can easily get shared/hired taxis to Gangotri, Harshil, Rishikesh and Dehradun from Taxi Stand adjacent to the Hotel. If you prefer shared Bus journey, city’s only Bus Station is at a walking distance of 400 meter ( 10-15 min. walk) from the Hotel.

We provide Neat and clean rooms and bathrooms at affordable prices. Personalised service with a homely environment. Hotel is ideally suited for :



Uttarkashi district was created on February 24, 1960 out of erstwhile Tehri Garhwal district. It sprawls in the extreme north-west corner of the state over an area of 8016 sq. kms. in the rugged terrain of the mystic Himalayas.

On its north lie Himachal Pradesh State and the territory of Tibet and the district of Chamoli in the east. The district is named after its headquarters town Uttarkashi, an ancient place with rich cultural heritage and as the name suggests is the Kashi of north (Uttara) held almost as high a veneration as Kashi of the plain (Varanasi). Both the Kashi of the plain (Varanasi) as well as the Kashi of north (Uttarkashi) are situated on the banks of the river Ganga (Bhagirathi). The area which is held sacred and known as Uttarkashi, lies between the rivers Varuna and Asi. The Varuna and the Asi are also the names of the rivers between which the Kashi of the plain (Varanasi) lies. One of the holiest Ghats in Uttarkashi is Manikarnika so is the one by the same name in Varanasi. Both have temples dedicated to Vishwanath.

Flora and Fauna

Nature expresses itself in breath-taking variations from beauteous landscape luxuriously decked with vegetation punctuated by streams, brooks and rivers to high rise awesome rocky ridges and mountains gently tapering off into lefty snow-capped peaks.


As much as 88 percent of the total area of the district is administered by the Forest Department. Pine forests occur between the altitude of 900-2000 metres, Deodar forests between 2000-3000 metres, Fix and Spruce forests over 3000 metres and Kharshu, Birch and Junipers forests upto the height of 4000 metres. Above the Fir and Spruce forest zone, alpine pastures are found throughout the district between the height of 3500 metres to 4877 metres above sea level. Rich varieties of grass, shrubs and herbs come up during June- September while during the remaining part of the year these areas remain covered with snow. A large number of medicinal plants of great commercial value grow spontaneously in the forests.


Best Season / Best time to visit

The town of Uttarkashi experiences a sub tropical climate, and the main seasons here are those of summer, winter and monsoon. Summers in Uttarkashi are mild, and winters are cold. You can visit Uttarkashi all-round the year. Pilgrims and tourists visit the place mainly during the summer and monsoon months.

Summers in Uttarkashi are moderate, and the maximum temperature in the region will range around thirty degrees (30°C). The minimum temperature during the summer months will be around fifteen degrees (15°C). April, May and June are the summer months.

The monsoon season in Uttarkashi is during the months of July and August. These two months experiences a good amount of rainfall due to the south west monsoon. 

Winters in Uttarkashi extend through the months of October, November, December, January and February. These months will experience a maximum temperature of twenty four degrees (24°C) and a minimum temperature of around zero degrees (0°C). You should carry adequate winter clothing during this time in order to keep yourself harm.

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